Expat life: 5 things not to say to an expat things not to say to an expat. I believe we all know or have  an expat friend or family member or even colleagues.but you know the things you say to them of course mostly well-meant, are not so appealing or you shouldn’t be saying or asking them.

Being an expat myself, I have heard so many things that sometimes I wish I would tell people to not say them , but out of respect I’m writing them here.this is clever, I know. So, without any further Ado. Here are they. so next time you are going to have a chat with that expat you know what not to say. things NOT TO SAY TO AN EXPAT


Complementing on how quickly they learn the local language.

This is supposed to be a nice complement and the expats appreciate that but, although this is really well-meant, with time it comes out like you are questioning that person’s language learning capability. Like” I didn’t think you would get it  “kind of doubting.

Asking about how they find the local food

Seriously , do you all just eat the local food everyday? But just because I live  here, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to eat the local food every time. i can go to  the supermarket and cook just what i wanna eat without it being from here.

Assuming they are used to a certain weather

Okay , there’s a big difference between Africa and Europe. No questions about that, but summer here can get really hot  and for some reasons people tend to assume that the expats coming from Sunny/ warm countries and towns are used to the heat or to that current weather. We are not and we’ll be happy if you stop assuming already.

Asking if they miss their families back home

This is like the most natural thing or feeling. some people left their home countries by choice some because of work reasons still, it doesn’t stop them to Long for their families and friends back home. But for some reason people always want to know if the expats miss their families. Yes we do! And it would be so nice if you don’t remind us all the time.

Telling them how beautiful their home country is.

We heard you, you have been there a couple of times, or just once ten years ago and we appreciate that and all but, we know how beautiful our home countries are. We just don’t want to be reminded every time. We are actually trying to settle in,( for the new expats ) in our new home country. you might also like

So, there you have it friends. What are some of the things you wish people would stop saying as an expat? Leave your comment below.





MY JULY GOALS July goalsMy July Goals. Wow !  I can’t believe it’s July already! It’s crazy how time flies. Last month was not a easy month for us , but after everything that happened even so much more that I’m looking forward and welcoming July with open arms. New goals , appreciation, gratitude, going home after almost two years of not being there, get sun kissed and just try to enjoy the season. I hope July is going to be a better month for me and my family. My husband is a July baby and we’ll have of course a intimate celebration. Last year we didn’t really celebrate but this July we have more reasons to do so. We are now a family of four.

Beginning of this year, I decided not to make any new year’s resolutions but instead just make monthly goals that I will work hard to accomplish them .of course the best way to do so is always to write them down somewhere, they don’t have to be hundreds of them but it’s always good to have a goal or two just something to look forward to.  So this here are my July goals. July Goals


  • Spend more time outside with my kids
  • Be more a relaxed Mom
  • Sign up for a free blogging course
  • Enjoy a day at the beach
  • Finally feed my little one solid food (  I’m excited!) I’m thinking Fish, avocados, beans and so many yummy dishes.
  • Enjoy being home ( Namibia)
  • Figure out my posting schedule  and bring it on  track
  • Commit to a healthy lifestyle
  • Organize more meetups with friends
  • Pay more attention to Pinterest ( everyone is preaching about that)
  • Have date night with the hubby in Namibia ( its not easy with the kids sometimes)



So , those are my July goals.  What are your July goals? Do you make some or what you do instead? Leave your comment below.





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About me

 MY Name is Naemi . me


Hi everyone , Welcome and thanks for stopping by. my name is Naemi . Im a stay _at _home mom of two beautiful boys , a wife and an expat living in a small town in Switzerland.

For almost 3 years now , i packed up  from Namibia and moved to Switzerland to marry my long distance love . this was the most scariest decision of my life ,to leave my family ,friends and everything i have known behind in to the un known world but, today im glad i did .I decided to stay home and take care of my boys but also needed something to keep me sane and then A blissfull mess was born . Me


I`m mad about Golden Girls , love everything Devious Maids and terrible at cooking but passionate about baking .

A blissfull mess is the place where i share my everyday mom mania ,expat life and home sick stories .

Are you ready to follow along with me ?then , let,s enjoy the madness together.  




Great TV shows to help you learn German

Learn German the fun way.There’s no doubt that learning a foreign language is no walk in the park. And learning German is no difference. It can be confusing, sometimes stressful and not to mention overwhelming but with the German will there’s always a way and once you get a hang of it , it just keeps getting better and the best thing is , no one can ever take away your foreign language knowledge.

So , here I compiled some great TV shows to help you learn German.

1.Sturm Der Liebe ( storm of love)

This soap opera portrays the relationship between the hotel owners  and employees of the five_star hotel of Fürstenhof. It consists of various family story lines, with intrigues, love affairs and everything  that make a beautiful soap opera. It’s been quite around the German TV It plays weekdays at 15:10 and you can also watch it online.

2. Soko Stuttgart ( Stuttgart homicide)

If you enjoy solving murder cases and arresting criminals, this is the show for you. this is actually my personal favorite. Played around the beautiful region of Stuttgart , this show portrays the life of police commissioners doing their jobs and still being there  for each other as friends and plays weekdays at 11:15

3. Um Himmels Willen

I hope you like Sister Act. This beautiful show portrays the life of the Nuns in Kloster(Cloister) Kaltenthal and the Major of that small town. with the kind hearten sister Hanna always getting in trouble while trying to help others while  preventing the town major Wolfgang from selling the Cloister .its fun , educative and not to be missed. the Show plays every Tuesday at 20:15 .One word( gelobt sei jesus christus in ewigkeit)  Amen Praised be Jesus Christ, in Eternity , amen.

4. Shopping Queen

Imagine going shopping with someone else,s credit card. actual someone is giving you the money but just Like the name already says.this is a shopping show, with 5 candidates and each has 4 hours to put a complete outfit together with a budget of course. so what better way to know how your favorite piece is called in German ( Strumpfhose=Pantyhose) It plays every week on a different town and airs at 16:00.

5. Gefragt Gejagt( The Chase)

There is no better way to learn German than with general knowledge. they ask as many questions as possible  in 60 minutes, the candidate has just to be quick and at the end if they defeat the chaser/hunter then they will whatever amount they played .its really fun . The  show airs everyday at 18:00 and like most shows you can watch it online too.

so ,which is your favorite show to learn German ? leave your comment below.





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Top 7 ways for nailing your first year as an expat 5 ways for nailing your first year as an expat

Is your​ first year as an expat taking a surprising turn?! Whether you became an expat by choice or by circumstances. It doesn’t have to. And with my top tips you can definitely start to enjoy the time of your life abroad.

Growing up I always wanted to live away from home . Not that far away but just not home. my first year as an expat wasn’t a walk in the park, it was an emotional Rollercoaster, overwhelming, I was home sick almost every week especially after home calls. But I survived that first year.

Today, I live really far away from home. And the first months so far away from home were really hard . But that’s now in the past and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.its just a different experience, a different way of thinking and living.

So , this week I got an idea to help you settle in or just prevent you from doing the mistakes I made in my first year as an expat.

  1.  Join a meet up group for expats

A meet up group is one of the best ways out there for expats . You simply sign up and choose​ your interests. As a momxpat, I will choose to meet up with other parents with kids of my children’s age, meet up for coffees , meet up for learning a language . You can choose what fits in your lifestyle..Just do it and you won’t regret it.

2. Enroll in a language course

Language courses are my favorite. You are not only learning a language, but also meeting people from all walks of life and have a possibility of making friends in a long run.  You can be courageous and ask a person in your class if they would like to grab a coffee after class. It won’t hurt to ask. 5 ways for nailing your first year as an expat

3. Volunteer in community work

This is one simple way of settling in and getting to know your new home.. You can volunteer at a local church, at a kindergarten or join the local fire fighters.

4. Take time to explore your new home

When I came to Switzerland, I was really curious. I would walk to the Rhine falls, go in every open building ( except in museums) admire the vineyards and the landscape. And I still do. So , you can take your weekends to familiarize yourself with your new home.

5. Don’t abandon your support

Your support here is your friends and family that you left behind. Stay in contact ,this people will be​ there for you when you are home sick, when things are not going so well and when you are celebrating. I text almost everyday with my cousins, sometimes just a “good morning’.


6. Learn the culture

I’m from a culture where we address elders with Aunts and Uncles and don’t call our parents in-laws by their names . Where people stands and greet  each other whether you know them well or just being polite.And punctuality is not in my blood. The Swiss are known for their punctuality and at first I had my struggles catching up.

So, when I came here i was really a little bit confused . So, after a few months I tried to understand it and realized that its just the way it is here and people just mean well.. And I don’t have to take it personally.

7.Make Friends

Just like anywhere else, friendship plays a huge role in our lives. And as an expat even so vital. Find someone you’re comfortable with, I know as an adult it’s even harder to make friendship . But it’s not impossible. One friend or 2 are enough.

Mistake I made: I was on the hunt for all the African or ( people of colour around where I lived) I wasn’t open for diversity. And ofcourse it didn’t work out. So , be open for new things, culture and everything else.

A small tip: invite your neighbor for brunch or lunch over, then next time they will hopefully invite you. So , easily you can make friendship sometimes. All the best.

So ,now go out there and meet new people and with ​that I don’t mean going people watching..

I wanna hear how you are settling in.leave your comments here and let’s chat.







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15 minutes Carrot cake

15 Minutes Carrot cake.

15 minutes Carrot cake

I have never thought that I would one day be sharing a cake recipe, but   this life is full of surprises.  I have always admired people who can bake and turn few ingredients in one explosive tasty piece of art.For  a few months I have discovered my love for baking. And Carrot cake is my favorite. I  have baked this cake almost every week when I was pregnant. No jokes .it’s easy to make and you do not have to spend the whole day in the kitchen.  I believe everyone can bake a yummy Carrot cake and with summer coming up , carrot cake should be on every Tea party. I love how baking helps me relax and just distress.

Carrot cake ingredients:

  • 375 g carrots
  • 10 x Tablespoon orange juice
  • 175 g Butter
  • 250 g Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 150 g Almonds( crushed)
  • 250 g All purpose flour
  • 1 x Baking soda

Preheat the oven 200’C. Baking time:60 minutes.

Tip: I find that finely grated carrots just disappears in the cake. So , try to grate your Carrot small to medium just for that lovely texture. I also try to take the cake out 5 minutes earlier.

1. Bring sugar, butter, baking soda, eggs , orange juice and almonds together in a bowl ,with a hand mixer,mix well until it’s even.


2.Add grated Carrots, all purpose flour and mix it well. It should be already nicely Orangish at this point, from the carrots and orange juice.


15 minutes Carrot cake

3. Apply butter evenly  and all purpose flour in a baking form before you put in your cake mixture. Just that it doesn’t stick later. I can’t tell you enough how many times did I have a half of the cake left in the baking form. haha When you’re done with your yummy Carrot cake, let it completely cool off and  decorate it like you want.

I hope you had fun baking this recipe. leave your comment here and let me know how you find it.



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Pretty In spring

Hello spring! If you are anything like me, you made a happy dance when it was finally spring! Because that means, longer days, sunshine and beautiful flowers everywhere..

Well, today I have put together few, simple but effective ways to get yourself ready for the spring fever ahead.


Maintenance is everything, so let your hair speak volume for themselves. as a new mom I had really bad hair breakage after the baby, it was not funny​!

So  , give your hair some love with Dark ‘n lovely relaxer,  coconut oil and if you you can , try avoiding​ too much heat.


Give your face some glamour feel and treat it like gold.( It’s the only face you have)  The new Matcha+ kaolin 10 minutes Mask (Matcha Tea+Clay) from Garnier is an absolute must for that refreshed , mattiffied and clean face.

And while you’re at it ladies, let your face breath and apply your make-up sparingly.wear lipgloss and blush for that glamorous feeling.. I prefer pampering myself on weekends, or the days I don’t have errands to run. And don’t forget sunscreen..

Hands and nails

Ladies, let’s face it, .Is there anything more uncomfortable than having dry hands?! ( Ok, maybe a few things yeah)  . the Neutrogena Hand cream is a must have.. It’s perfume free and the consistent is a dream.

Spring is for Pastel nail colours, so give yourself some at home manicure.and ladies patience and wait until your nails are dry.


You know those extra long hot baths?! (I’m guilty of those, at least until my little baby was born) well they kinda of leave their marks.

So , get rid of those sallow and dry skin with exfoliating  Bath Gloves. They are affordable, low abrasive and work wonders in giving you a clear, soft and glowy skin.


I hope this helps you get ready for Spring






5 Easy ways to lose baby weight

As soon as my doctor gives me the green light , I will join a gym , i will eat healthy , i will do that and that and in three months i will have my old body or weight back..Exactly .sounds like you ? you are not alone .

Unless otherwise you are a super Mom, with super power out there. This will just remain a plan you once had . Because, as a new mom , you’ll have so much to deal with you’ll forget you had a plan.  I mean, you will be sleep deprived, tired almost every morning you wake up, overwhelmed but still expected to function. And get shiz done around the house..


So , here I put together 5 ways to help you lose your baby weight amongst your busy mom mania.

Start walking

This is a win -win for you and your baby. She gets fresh air which will help her sleep better at night and you are doing something for you body . Start with 30 minutes a day , and build up as you go.

Water is your friend

Nothing​ beats water when it comes to losing weight .Not only it’s cheap,it’s the only drink you know it’s clean without any sugar ,and so many things found in nowadays drinks. Always try to drink water throughout the day and keep a glass always next to your bed. This will help you wake up energetic and with a clear head.


Start a healthy lifestyle

Make positive changes in your lifestyle. Instead of ordering takeaways, try preparing your own meals.And always try going early to bed, just to avoid binge eating while you watch your favorite series. And keep in mind that this is a race and not a Sprint.

Don’t cut off a specific type of food

This might sound crazy but,I believe in moderation.   you need energy to help you get through the day. Try balancing things and do portion control.


Know your body

You might be asking yourself what does knowing your body has to do with losing weight..But you’ll be surprised to know that, what works for your BFF, colleague or sister won’t work for you.. Simply because our bodies are different. So , when you find out how your body reacts to diary products, for example then it’ll be also easier for you to see results when you make the necessary changes.


Ditch alcohol

A glass of wine here and there is okay.but consuming alcohol every week for instance won’t help you but instead just hinder you from reaching your goal.. After all, for breastfeeding mom’s, alcohol slows your milk production down.

Hands off from the scale

I find weighting yourself not only in most cases discourage you from reaching your weight loss goals but also frustrate you when you don’t see your wished results.. Rather, listen to your inner self, feel good about your body and just continue doing what you are doing.. The number on the scale don’t matter.

Comparison is a thief of happiness

This will take you to my previous point. We are all different.. And our bodies works differently..So , stop comparing yourself to other people and just be you and do you..Who knows, maybe the person you’re comparing yourself to is not even happy in their own skin..

Sip on some Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and powerful nutrients. it increases fat burning and improves physical performances. Advised is 3 cups a a breastfeeding Mom if you have doubts please consult with your doctor.

So, I hope this will help you on your weight loss journey mamas. Now it’s up to you to . Just start. No matter how, just start..

I wanna hear from you. What are you doing to lose the baby weight .Comment below so we can help each other.

Until then.






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6 Things to do when you are having a bad day

Everyone has a bad day at some point in their lives. When everything just seems to be going against you, . wether, you have lost your job, just broke up with your partner or just having really a shiz day.

We all hope that such days will never happen to us.but if they do, I hope these simple tips can help you make through.


Read your favorite book

I believe there’s a book for every situation out there,.So , grab your favorite book and read your heart out. If you’re going through a break up, better not the romantic one’s.


Relax and watch a movie

Put your feet’s up and relax your mind. Sometimes things are not as bad as they seems. And in most cases we can’t even change what happened..So, stop beating yourself up.

Take a Walk

Put down whatever you are doing and go out, breath in fresh air, live a little  and let your emotions loose. You would be surprised how good this will make you feel.


Eat Chocolate

If someone tells you, chocolate solves everything. Close your eyes and trust them in this days. Now , have a bit.


Unplug and go people watching

People watching sounds weird, .I know.. But unplugging sometimes it’s just what you need. Switch your phone off ( you can do this) and give yourself some peace of mind. This will help you look at your situation from a different angle and make you more hopeful for tomorrow.


Go shopping and treat yourself

I don’t know about you , but I get so excited when I see those red ‘Sale’ tags in stores. So , today is the day, go get that handbag, ( my favorite thing) those shoes or beautiful wig you have been eyeing for so long. Break your bank account but just treat yourself.   And yeah, have ice cream​.


Let’s chat. How do you deal with a bad day?







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